Swedish AmericanHall

Community events at the Swedish American Hall

The Swedish American Hall is available for rent, through the SSSF, for cultural and private events by members of the SSSF or other Scandinavian organizations. Among the organizations that regularly hold events and meetings at the Swedish American Hall are:

  • SWEA (Swedish Women's Educational Association)
  • Vasa Order Fylgia Lodge
  • Swedish American Patriotic League
  • Young Scandinavians Club
  • The Swedish Society of San Francisco

Renting the Swedish American Hall for commercial events are done through our tenant UMV. For information regarding UMV and commercial events see


The prices for renting the hall for Scandinavian organizations and their members' events are very competitive, even compared to other similar community venues. Below is the list of rooms and halls, with the respective capacity and minimum rental fee. Note that the prices are per event:

  • Odin (100 ppl) $75
  • Freja (299 ppl) $150
  • Balder (50 ppl) $75
  • Verdandi (20 ppl) $75
  • Svea (40 ppl) $75

When renting Verdandi or Svea and the other room happens to be free, then both can be used at the price of one. The society also has a projector and screen that can be used for presentations. See the SSSF "House Rules" for terms, conditions, additional services and related fees for other services than identified in the "base" rent pricing above.


To reserve a room at the Swedish American Hall, first check availability on our Calendar of events. Note that UMV's commercial events are not listed on the SSSF calendar, so even if the calendar shows availability that is not guaranteed to be the case. If the SSSF calendar shows that the room or hall is available then request a reservation by e-mailing

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